Amnesty International

What we did

With Hyperakt, I worked closely with the Amnesty team to establish a clear content strategy and modular site design for their US branch. We had to not only engage Amnesty's members, but also build a system flexible enough to be expanded in the future.


Using research and strategy workshops we crafted user personas that helped us test and refine our designs from the site mapping phase right up to the final handoff.

A core component of what is Amnesty, is about the people that contribute to it. Our strategy was to reflect this not only visually, but in every aspect of the site.


Final deliverables included a sitemap, wireframes, module library, animation prototypes, and a module guide. It was key that the Amnesty team be able to have what they needed to create their own pages and templates in the future.

The site is currently user testing with Amnesty's internal network and won't be released until mid to late April. Check back soon for more updates!

Partners Hyperakt, Amnesty International USA