Creating a real concept

How many video platforms are out there today? How many of them do you really engage with? Channel fuses basic elements of television with live video; follow channels, get updates, watch videos that interest you.

My interest in this concept lied in not chasing perfection, but rather realism. How can I make the content more real for the user, thus more engaging.

Basic user flow

The general product flow is simple and geared toward users getting the most out of what they are presented with, without unneccessary features or visual fluff.

— Follow channels
— Scroll through your feed
— View an unfolding story
— Be a part of the story

It was important that each channel was able to have a page that gave them a unique voice.

What sets it apart?

Unlike other video streaming platforms only sponsored channels can upload content. This ensures the quality is always guarenteed.

From Right to Left: Notification, Explore, Search

From Right to Left: Basic Commenting flow, selecting a comment, nested commenting

Finding the users voice

Aside from throwing a stand alone comment out into the room, nested comenting had to be flawless. Simply clicking someones comment highlights it, write what you have to say, and like that a conversation is born.

Building a fluid brand

In the end the brand had to feel as simple as every interaction and meticulous detail. The logo and extended identity is constantly in flux, unpredictable but presented in a digestable fashion just like the content it's meant to represent.

Product concept, direction, design — Nick DiChiara

Photography — I don't own the rights to any of that stuff, it's used for mockup purposes only and not be used for commercial use.