The Dirt on Factr

The wireframe phase consisted of lots of iterations as we brainstormed how to show all the different types of content, and how to merge a news-aggregation site with a social media platform.

The Monitor is the main hub of Factr; the newsfeed, where you can check out the latest content coming in from streams, collections, and other user you are following. 

The major challenge with Factr was design systems that were flexible enough to deal with the content that flows constantly, along with loads of variables.

Factr ended up being an entire social network built around sharing information; interactions like commenting, favoriting, following, creating articles, and posting virtually any type of content you can think of push this network aspect forward.

A key element of Factr was the Heirarchy of the cards because... well the majority of the app is made up of cards. A modular system was developed to visually organize and simplify over a thousand pieces of content flowing in account for all of the variables. 

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Factr is a budding startup that continues to rollout new features, and improve on the work we did with them. Check out some of these articles written by them and feel free to try out the app at your leisure.