Factr Reader App

What is Factr?

Factr is a customizable news aggregator that allows the user to discover and organize relevant information from any source on — the internet. Additionally, it creates a social network through which users can share and discuss topics in real-time.

While at Hyperakt, we partnered with Factr to define the product strategy and user experience of their platform. From onboarding to the chrome extension, we helped this Reader App be more than a list of subscriptions.

Check out The Dirt on Factr to see some of our process.

We helped introduce simple features like sharing, collecting, and following; this allowed Factr to become a tailored experience for each user while also building out a community in the process.

Simplifying things

As we grew the experience, we made sure to maintain Factr’s core brand attributes, but pushed the minimalism a bit further. The internet is a crazy place, this product didn't have to be.

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Not satisfied? Check out The Dirt on Factr, for a look at the UX side of things. Or check out the Factr Blog for their take on things.

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