06.11.2017: Mindsparkle gave me a nod... just a nod though.

06.04.2017: I'm working with UK based startup Clever Queue.

05.28.2017: I'm proud to say that I'm the newest member on the Versett team. 

05.21.2017: Introducing 90NYC! Apply now... if you're a designer and born in the 90s...

05.14.2017: Veloce! Veloce! Yes, please.

05.07.2017: I'm in sunny Barcelona!

04.30.2017: Some inspiration for May

04.23.2017: Might be late to the game but this is cool.

04.16.2017: Semplice gave me a look.

04.09.2017: Also, this week I was featured on Sitesee!

04.09.2017: Web VR Experiments. I'm okay with this bandwagon.

04.02.2017: Order. This week I enjoyed a talk by founders Jesse + Hamish.

03.26.2017: My Dad is — 

03.19.2017: Tremendous Sea of Love 

03.05.2017: Ivy Sole — Eden

02.26.2017: #E7B8AE I'm all about this pink.

02.19.2017: Kinfolk on that boy Dieter.

These are the things I like on a week to week basis. More or less the same shit different day.